Church Council

2017 Church Council Members

Pastor: Francis D. Hennessy, III

Church Council Chairperson:  Galen Medlin
Lay Leader:  Doug Wade
Finance Chairperson:  Gaila Fletcher
Food Pantry Ministries:  Page Durham
Lay Delegate to Annual Conference: Jerry Raines
Alternate:  Debi Walker
Evangelism Chairperson:  Ray Barnette
Martin Methodist Representative:  Kathy Runge
Missions Coordinator: Deb Hayden
Scout Liaison: Roxanna Mascarenas
Special Events and Kitchen Coordinator:   Maranda Allen, Jonna Martin
Staff Parish Relations Committee Chairperson: Tammy Beasley
Treasurer: Janice Johns
Trustees Chairperson:  Margie Waggoner
Ladies of LaVergne Council Rep.:  Sandy Medlin
United Methodist Men President:  Rolen Waggoner
Worship Committee Chairperson: Jennifer Holtz
Young Adult Representative: McKensey Malin
Youth President:  William Monaghan
Members at Large:  Cara Jones, Steve Feathers, E.T. Martin
Children's Council Chair: Jacque Schmidt
Webmaster/Social Media: Becky Olsen
Sunday School Superintendent:  Billy Knight

Pastor:  Rev. Francis D. Hennessy, III
Music Director:  Tim Hayden
Administrative Assistant: Gaila Fletcher
UMYF Coordinator:  Allison Carrigan
Nursery Coordinator:  Tracy Morris
AV:  Sydney Durham