An Open Letter (3-28-2016)

Fundraiser Update!!!

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Youth Fundraiser Update, March 30, 2016
I am just so very deeply moved by the response of this congregation to support the Youth of our church.  Since the e-mail I sent out on Monday, I am very glad to report that we have now reached the goal of $5,000 that was set.  I would like to encourage you that if you have not given to the Youth and had planned to do so, please do not allow the accomplishment of this goal to prevent you from giving your gift.  The Youth will benefit from your generosity always.  
A good example of this is Joey Carrigan, one of our Youth Group menbers.  He is a very sharp young man who loves the Lord and loves this church and our Youth Group. He will be serving communion to you on Sunday morning along with his older sister Allison.  Here is his response to what the Youth Group means to him and why he likes to go on Mission Trips:
"There's 6 reasons I love LFUMY mission trips:
1. You encounter God's heart.
2. You expand your limited perspective. It's good to step out of your comfort zone and allow God to stretch you.
3. You become more grateful. I receive an attitude adjustment every time I go on a mission trip.
4. You discover your spiritual family. The people we visited in KY last year have become family because of our spiritual connection.
5. You build lasting partnerships. God gives us this strong bond so we will link arms and work for a common purpose.
6. You expand the kingdom of Jesus. I feel strongly about spending time and helping unfortunate children. Mission trips with LFUM allow us to go out into the world and spread the gospel of our great God!"
Brother Denman


Youth Fundraiser Update, March 31, 2016
To the Best Youth-loving Congregation I know:
Just a word of commendation for your continued support for our Youth.  They would like to say "Thank You" to you on Sunday following church.  They are preparing a Potato Bar for you at no expense.  Everyone is welcome to stay after church on Sunday and proceed to the Fellowship Hall for a wonderful time of food, fellowship and fun.  At the conclusion, we will all have the opportunity to witness Tammy Beasley making good on her promise.  Would love for every one in the church to be a part of that!  
I am also attaching to this email thoughts from Lauren Johnson concerning our Youth Group, and what it means to her.  She has one of the sweetest hearts in our entire church. She loves the Lord and is growing up to become a wonderful Christian woman.  After you read her response, I am certain you will agree.  
Brother Denman
"Attending the Youth Group means I have a place where I am able to get together with people my age to help serve others in my community as well as other communities through mission trips. It means I have a place to worship during youth group meetings, at Beersheba, and at events like Warmth in Winter. Finally, our youth group gives me a place to develop friendships, to just have fun and to make memories I will never forget."   

Lauren Johnson